Fashion Week is an alternative rock band from Columbus, Ohio, that has drawn comparisons to artists such as Death Cab For Cutie, Radiohead, and Coldplay. 

Founding members—Jason Turner (lead vocalist), Tyler Earnest (lead guitar) and Andrew Lee (lead bass)—have made the most of their six years together, performing throughout the Midwest and opening for artists like The Social Animals, Colouring and Royal Teeth. In 2013, the band was invited to open for The 1975, but couldn’t do it because of work.

The band has shared the stage with notable friends like Michigander, Vesperteen, and Fever Fever, and has performed at regional festivals including Park Street Fest, Independents Day and Fashion Meets Music. 

Fashion Week has released two singles and four EPs. Highlights from their music cataPlease listen to more Fashion Week music.log include Murfreesboro (2016), which was featured on college radio stations across the country; SCARS (2017), which has been streamed nearly 300,000 times on Spotify; and MOOD (2018), featuring the singles Dark of the Cinema and Everyone Pretends.